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Get it RIGHT with the RIGHT beauty regime

"I wish I'd done it differently..."

How often have we looked back and asked ourselves whether certain things could have changed for the better if we had done them in a different way?

Many of us are guilty of neglecting our skin when we were younger. Without a doubt, such a situation can be avoided, if not reversed. That is, if we take good care of our skin before it's too late.

To popular beauty influencer Leanne, who is better known as @Loveforskincare on Instagram, she believes that following a good skincare regimen is something everyone of us should do so from young. Despite being 43, the mother of two easily passes off as 30. Read on to discover her secrets in maintaining a youthful skin and how ReFa Carat has rolled its way into her daily skincare regimen.

7 Fun Facts About @loveforskincare

  • First heard of MTG & ReFa Carat from friends in mid-2014.
  • Started her Instagram journey in 2013 upon her sister's encouragement to share her skincare product photos with others.
  • Believes that every product has an aura that gives her the inspiration & directions on how to shoot the photo.
  • Loves to share beauty tips & advices with younger female readers.
  • Tends to get easily excited & carried away when chatting with others on the topic of beauty.
  • Has a sizable bedside table with 3 tubs of body butter, fragrances & other daily essentials for easy reach.
  • Strongly believe that one should never rub her eyes. Never.

On her daily beauty regime

Leanne firmly believes in double cleansing and having separate makeup removal solutions for her delicate eyes and face. For her, she abides by a "Morning = protection, night = treatment" routine where during the day, she performs light cleansing to prepare and condition her skin, while in the evening, she does heavier cleansing to remove her makeup and impurities.

On ReFa Carat & how different it is as compared to other beauty products

"I call (ReFa Carat) a multi-tasker because it helps me in various ways. But why do I like it so much as compared to others? There are a lot of multi-taskers actually, but because it's easy to use, waterproof, and it's just a roll away. Just need to know how to hold it."

The platinum coated beauty device also helps massage through the lymph nodes, drain toxins and generate microcurrents that tone and firm one's skin. It complements beauty regimens and maintains one's beauty naturally by preventing aging symptoms such as facial sagging and wrinkles. Since her first use, Leanne has felt her face become more defined and radiant."

On what she loves most about ReFa Carat

"I love how it's easy to use, waterproof and at the same time, it does not need maintenance. No plug-in, no specific steps to follow. Just need to know the directions to roll."

Indeed, the its ease of use has allowed the beauty gadget to become well-integrated into her daily life. Whether it is before her morning baths, during her reading time, when she watches TV from her bed, during her relaxation time on her massage chair, or before she sleeps, ReFa Carat is almost always by her side.

"It's a grab and go so I can maintain beauty effortlessly with it, no matter where I am or what I do."

Other beauty advices

Leanne also believes that rather than slapping on the same skincare products on the skin each day, one should listen to their skin in order to select the right products.

"I listen to my skin, my body. I actually respect my skin very much. When you do it, you feel better already. You'll feel prettier. You'll feel more confident of yourself."

For Leanne, skincare is something every girl should take seriously. To all ladies who prefer to take the shortcuts in their everyday beauty regimes, she has this to say:

"(Taking good care of your skin is something) you can do when you are young. Start young and you won't regret it."

Well said, Leanne. After all, one's face is very important, especially for those who need to interact with people in their daily lives. Adopt the right mentality towards skincare and start by listening to your skin today!