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ReFa CARAT: A Lifetime Beauty Investment

Since our launch in 2009, we have seen a surge in the number of people interested in our range of innovative beauty devices worldwide. In fact, over 3 million units of our popular ReFa series products have been sold so far!
Ideal for use on the face and body, its specially shaped rollers with multi-directional structure enable it to replicate the powerful kneading motions of professional aestheticians.

The weak 'microcurrent' generated, which bears similarity to one's body current, also allows the device to lift, firm, tone and revitalise the skin.
In Singapore, although MTG is still considered one of the newer big boys in the beauty and wellness markets, we have seen a steady stream of enquiries from beauty and fitness enthusiasts about our ReFa series products both online and at our physical stores. ReFa Carat is one such product.
Let's find out what our customer, Rachel, has to say about her experience with the popular beauty device.

On the experience

I feel a slight pinching, which is a result from the 440-hendron diamond-like shaped rollers that grip and massage my face. There is an immediate tightening effect just after 5 minutes of massage!I love the fact that I can also use it on other parts of the body such as arms,thighs and stomach.

On the effects after use

It helps improve lymph flow and blood circulation; leaving my skin refreshed and rejuvenated! My skin looks more radiant with better blood flow, while the muscle aches in my body has reduced significantly.

On the ease of use

It is also waterproof thus you can enjoy the massage in your tub or during a shower.

Aside from improving blood flow, daily treatments can improve the skin texture, making it appear supple and firm.
For Rachel, ReFa Carat is an amazing device that is worth a lifetime investment.
Not convinced? Try ReFa Carat or any of our ReFa series devices for yourself at Tokyo Hands or at our Takashimaya store. There is a reason why 3 million over units have been sold thus far.