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Get Active with Refa ACTIVE

If you are someone who loves the sports or any form of exercises like popular fitness blogger Jason (, then ReFa Active is the beauty and wellness device for you.

ReFa Active
Designed for use on the body and face, ReFa Active is an advanced hybrid titanium-coated rollers with flexible handle that replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation like that of a professional aesthetician.

For Jason, this effect was enough to capture his attention and change his perception of the massage rollers.

"I have tried some old school massage roller that looks pretty similar to the ReFa Active, just that it is made from wood, so I was expecting more or less the same sensation when using the ReFa Active."

"But to my amazement, the ReFa Active really feels like having a masseuse treating you."

Indeed, this personal touch and the weak electrical microcurrents generated by the device help stimulate one's skin and muscles to improve overall circulation, and make it suitable for use during warm-ups and cool-downs.

 I use it every evening on the muscle groups that i trained on that day. Knowing that it helps to promote good blood circulation and better recovery, i can have 5-6 quality trainings every week.


As for his wife and fellow fitness influencer, Limaran, she uses the device on her clients after their workouts and on her stiff neck and legs after a long day at work.

Aside from stimulating blood flow, ReFa ACTIVE can aid in fitness-related recovery as well.

In fact, Jason partly attributed his back injury's recovery to the use of the handy device. He believed ReFa ACTIVE helped to speed up his recovery process.

“I'm certain that without the ReFa ACTIVE, I may need an additional 1-2 weeks before i reach full recovery.”

What Jason liked most about ReFa ACTIVE?

It's enjoying a good massage anytime at his convenience without visiting a masseur, and getting Limaran to give him a hand to massage hard-to-reach areas on his back.

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