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Stay Youthful with FACIAL FITNESS PAO

Cosmetic and aesthetic enhancements may help you to look good, but they may not be able to restore the firmness of the muscles that form the foundation of your face.

As what the popular fitness blogging couple, Jason and Limaran, has discovered, beauty gadgets like FACIAL FITNESS PAO are more effective in enhancing one's appearance and achieving a more youthful look.

Read on to find out how FACIAL FITNESS PAO can realise that for you!
Bizarre or not, FACIAL FITNESS PAO was born out of much research and seeks to address the weakened facial muscles that we experience as we age. Although we have over 40 muscles in our face, about 70% are not used in our daily lives. Similar to our body muscles, facial muscles that are unused tend to weaken over time, causing signs of aging like sagging and laugh lines around our mouths.

The beauty device utilises three technologies - resonance movement, technical distance and mouth hold - to produce a full and focused force for exercising your facial muscles to create a firmer skin and youthful smile.

For Jason and Limaran, they have never before imagined a need to exercise their facial muscles like how they work on other body parts. Their experiences with FACIAL FITNESS PAO have changed their views and the device has become part of their exercise routines.

 Jason and I also love how it comes with a pouch and we brought it to Seoul so we could use it while on holiday, like how we would still look for gyms and workout during holidays.


For the pair, the use of the device required some getting used to during the initial stage.

"We started using PAO for about a month religiously, until we found out that we were using it wrongly. We were biting it with our teeth instead of holding the mouthpiece with our lips."

After correcting their usage, they saw visible changes to the areas around their mouths.

"Jason managed to feel much more soreness and differences on double chin area. Whereas for me, I felt a lot of soreness and more differences on the cheeks and jaw."

The couple strongly believes that similar to training to achieve a good physique, maintaining a youthful look requires time and effort as well.

How about you?

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Let's toast to a youthful you!

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