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A Flowing S-Curve - the Symbol of Beauty

The posture of a body that flows like an S-curve is the essence of beauty. This curved shape is what draws out our inherent beauty. Body Make Seat Style.

A beautiful posture begins with the way we sit.
Inspired by Chiropratic Technique

In our day-to-day lives, our posture tends to degrade for many reasons.

The "Style" was designed with a focus on the knowledge and techniques used to align the body (chiropractic medicine).
The new way of posture care that puts chiropractic methods to work. Body Make Seat Style
A beautiful body line comes from proper aligning and maintaining of your sitting posture.

Reset Body Make Shop Director
Risa Takeda

Worked as a salon manager of a beauty chiropractic salon in the Ginza district of Tokyo for five years before starting her own practice. She has been covered in various media articles for having a “godlike technique”, and has editorial experience in overseeing feature articles in beauty-related magazine.
A poor sitting posture will cause your body to experience any unnecessary problems.
When you continue sitting with a posture such as a curved back or when your body leans too much, this warpage of your body will develop even further. We normally end up in these sitting postures; sitting with your legs to the side or putting all your weight onto one side, placing excessive pressure on your body.
Legs to the side
Leaning slant-ways
It is neccessary to properly support your lower back and maintain a beautiful sitting posture.
The lower back is the key to your body — indeed, it is a crucial part. Having a correct support for the lower back allows your entire body to be aware of the correct seating posture. Maintaining a natural S-curve will lead to a beautiful body line.
Create your beautiful body line with three points: The "Chiro-Support System".
1. Lower back-area
Lower back support designed to emulate the hands of a chiropractor. Supports the natural S-curve line of your backbone.
2. Buttock
A seat curve that tips the body forward. Supports your pelvis when you tend to lean in day-to-day life, to maintain a natural and beautiful posture.
3. Thighs
Curves that wrap your thighs on both sides when sitting. Maintains your body at a level position to prevent leaning.

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