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Reward and comfort your body
with a rejuvenating blend
of kneading and squeezing.

ReFa for BODY
The space between the four rollers is precisely calculated to deliver "Spiral Kneading", a new mechanism to comfortably treat all areas of the body from all angles. ReFa for BODY is a powerful and unique approach to body care that will enhance the firmness of your skin and the contours of your body. Great for use on the hip, waist, and thights.

Esthetic Method
Diamond-cut Quatro Drainage* Rollers replicatethe "Spiral Kneading" manipulations of squeezing and kneading. This helps tighten the skin and enhance its beauty over extensive areas of the body including the hips and the back of the thights.
Platinum Coating
The surface of the rollers are coated in a brilliantly bright platinum, making it compatible for even delicate skin.
Very mild microcurrent is generated by drawing in light with solar panel fixed in the handle.
Waterproof Construction
Conforms with JIS standards (Equivalent to IPX7). This product can be used in the bathtub.
Standard way to hold
Firmly grip the thicker part of the bandle without covering the solar panel with your hand.

* Partially covering the solar panel will not affect microcurrent flow.
Rolling method
Without applying too much strength, gently roll along the lines of your body to draw in the fleshy part of the skin. Roll in both directions as indicated by the arrows.
0° Grip
Hold the adjustable handle so that it matches the same angle as the axle of the rollers.

45° Grip
Hold so the roller axle is at 45° relative to the adjustable handle.

90° Grip
Hold so the roller axle is at 90° relative to the adjustable handle.
Changeing the Angle of the Roller Axle

Hold the roller and lift up the handle, then turn it until you hear it click.

Neck Care
Roll up and down along the line of your neck between your head and the base of your shoulder and neck.
Waist Care
Roll up and down along ther side of your body, pulling up as you roll.
Hip Care
Firmly roll from the back of your thigh towards your buttock.
ReFa for BODY


Size (mm):Approximately 92mm x 125mm x 81mm
Weight:Approximately 360 g
Materials:ABS, acrylic, silicon rubber, stainless steel, elastomer, nylon & platinum
Accessories:Instruction Manual, Guidebook & Cleaning cloth

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