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Facial fitness, for youthful face.
Introducing a new method for training your facial muscles against sagging, wrinkles and smile lines.
All it takes is 30 seconds.
Train your facial muscles with PAO facial fitness.

Have you experienced the effects of continued PAO use?

94%* of test subjects can observe the improvement
According to results of a survey conducted by an independent third party, an astounding 94% of the participants whose age groups ranged from the 20s to the 70s felt effects of some formon various parts of their faces.

* Test subject: 50 people whose age group ranged from the 20s to the 70s
* Testing period: October 31 to December 27, 2013
* Teting agancy: SOUKEN
* Indivisual effects may vary
The effectiveness of strengthening facial muscles.
Superficial measures such as cosmetics and massages cannot restore the firmness of the muscles that form the foundation of your face. By exercising the muscles around your mouth, you can focus on “internally” caring for those areas of the face which tend to show early signs of aging such as the laugh lines, facial contour and the corners of your mouth.
Exercise your facial muscles maintains your youthful facial features.
To maintain your best and youtuful face, exercising your facial muscles is a important thing for good.
You should exercise the muscles in the area around the mouth as it is susceptible to the telltale signs of aging.
It is said that there are approximately 40 muscles in the face and that about 70% are not used in our day-to-day lives. Unused muscles can become weak and will eventually sag. In particular, the muscles that form the lower half of the face have a tendency to sag and show signs of aging. However, muscles can be trained at any age. By exercising the facial muscles that form the foundation for your facial skin, you can draw out the essential youthfulness of your skin which cannot be accomplished with cosmetics or other means.
Weak and sagging muscle
Well-toned muscle

Dr. Tomoko Okumura
Shonan Beauty Clinic, Shibuya

※a personal view
Three technologies that support PAO exercise.
The best swing for effective PAO exercise.
PAO comes with 3 types of balance weights
You can select the weights that best fits your training or according to your facial condition.
Keep your mouthpiece clean and hygienic
Always remove and wash the mouthpiece after use, and store it in the carrying case.
Easy-to-carry pouch
Each set comes with an easy-to-carry pouch that allows you to continue your PAO exercise at work, travel or anywhere.