Privacy Policy - MTG


Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company is aware of the importance of information related to our individual customers, and we have implemented the following policy.


1.1 We follow all regulations relating to personal information.

1.2 We have implemented our own in-house rules relating to the handling of personal information, and in addition to disseminating knowledge of those rules to employees of our company and other related personnel, we carry out the necessary guidance and oversight supervision.


With regard to the collection of personal information, we implement legal and fair measures after clarifying the following items.

1.3 Purposes for collecting and using information

1.4 The purpose for and scope of information sharing in cases where that personal information is expected to be shared


1.5 In cases where we use personal information, we use it only within the scope of our purpose for using that information.

1.6 When sharing personal information stored by our company with a third party in whole or in part, or when consigning information processing, selection of the party to whom the information is being given or consigned is carried out correctly, and we carry out/conduct the necessary guidance and oversight supervision to ensure that information is handled as correctly as our own company handles it.


1.7 Copyrights to the information provided on our website (textual documents, materials, images, audio, etc.) belong to our company. Furthermore, all information provided on our website is protected under the copyright laws of individual countries, various treaties, and other legislation. Aside from not-for-profit use, personal use, and other use clearly/explicitly recognized as falling outside the scope of those laws, use of this information (including its reduplication, alteration, uploading, posting, transmission, licensing, sales, and publication) is prohibited without prior written consent (which would include consent given via our website) from our company. Some of the documents stored on our server have individual copyright notices attached which apply to said documents. If a notice to that effect is present on a document, restrictions to the aforementioned usage and reduplication rights may apply.If, for any document stored on our server, there is an individual copyright notice attached which applies to the document in question, or there are other words to that effect, restrictions may apply to the aforementioned usage and reduplication rights.

1.8 Excluding the Except as mentioned above, our server does not provide consent regarding rights based on copyright, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property. If individual usage conditions are indicated with regard to individual documents, those said conditions take precedence.

1.9 Copyrights to the software provided on this website belong to the rights owners of the said software in question. When using the software provided by this website, we are following,you must follow the stipulations of the software usage license contracts/agreements provided by the rights owners as well as copyright law, treaties, and other legislation.


1.10 Actions that infringe upon a third party, our company’s property, or anyone’s privacy are prohibited, as are any actions that could lead to such infringement.

1.11 Actions that inflict a disadvantage or loss upon a third party or our company are prohibited, as are any actions that could lead to such occurring.

1.12 Actions that violate public order and standards of decency are prohibited, as are any actions that could lead to such violations.

1.13 Illegal activity and activityconduct related to illegal activity are prohibited, as are any actions that could lead to such activity.

1.14 Registering another person’s email address and making false declarations or submissions are prohibited. prohibited, as are preparatory actions taken in that regard.

1.16 Actions that defame the character of third parties or our company are prohibited.

1.17 The use or sharing of computer viruses and other harmful software programs is prohibited, as are actions that could lead to such use or sharing.

1.18 Violation of or regulatory requirements is prohibited, as are actions that could lead to such violations.

1.19 Any other actions deemed as inappropriate by our company are prohibited.